Since October 2007: Pirates Free Agent Position Players and WAR

Below is a list of free agent position players that Neal Huntington has signed since becoming the General Manager of the Pittsburgh Pirates. The list only includes players who registered statistics with the Pirates. The WAR statistic includes only the time each player spent on the Pirates roster.

To date, Neal Huntington has added .1 position player WAR to the roster via free agent signings.

The most productive free agent the Pirates have signed since October 2007 is Garret Jones, 3.7 WAR. The least productive players were Lyle Overbay and Ryan Church, -.8.


(If you find any omissions or errors please, as always, let me know)

WAR (Wins Above Replacement) is the number of wins that a player adds above what a “replacement player” could provide. For position players, it takes into account offensive production, defense, baserunning and the importance of the position played. WAR for pitchers takes into account runs allowed above what a replacement pitcher would allow, with adjustments for relievers and starters.

A replacement player is a so-called 4A guy – think Mario Mendoza or Brian Bixler. Fangraphs sets the number of expected wins from a team with only replacement players at 48. (Link to WAR explanation at So, adding a player with a 1 WAR to a team of all replacement players, would increase the wins expectation to 49.


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